Nachi Keta

Enigma of a Transplant Recipient

Death, as depicted in Harry Potter movies

“And Death spoke to them.” — Death speaking to the Peverell brothers[src]

  1. A kidney transplant recipient is alive by accident. On Machines. If he was born before 1960s, when the first transplant was done, he would already be dead.
  2. His being alive is against what the Nature demands. Nature wants…

A personal reflection on words, writing, career and life. After a short conversation with an old friend | SALVE

Linkedin is not a place for random #writing. It is a professional arena where we showcase our skills, upgrade them, and find better positions in the world of money and prestige. I am new to it. …

LOGOS | An uncritical exposition.

The Death of Socrates, by Jacques-Louis David, 1787

Click and check out the TRIAL AND DEATH DIALOGUES:

Euthyphro | The Apology | Crito | Phaedo


The Apology is most definitely not an apology. The Greek word “apologia” means “defense.” It is a defense, and not just of Socrates the man (as in ‘Who is Socrates?’) …

Nachi Keta

Non fui, fui, non sum, non curo

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